30 June 2013




1.   BGF has decided to adopt the USGA Handicap System.

2. BGF has signed an agreement with USGA to use the USGA Course Rating & Slope systems, which are essential elements of USGA Handicap system.

3. USGA Handicap System to be used in Bangladesh would be administered through BGF handicap software and accessible on Internet to all member golf clubs in Bangladesh, henceforth referred to as BGF Handicap System.  

4.  BGF will provide the handicap software to all member clubs and will assist / train the golf clubs to use the BGF Handicap System. BGF will provide the handicap software facilities at nominal yearly fees, an amount essentially required to meet the maintenance expenses of thesoftware.

5.  BGF Handicap System has an OFFLINE version,which will be installed at the golf clubs for daily score entry and handicapquery.

6.  Clubs are advised to print / publish handicaps for their clubs twice  on 02nd & 16th of the month during tournament season and once during non tournament season. 

7.  Immediately after publishing the handicap, club must upload the data to BGF server via BGF web link on Internet.

8.  BGF Handicap System also has an ONLINE version being run on BGF server based at KGC. Uploaded data of the member clubs shall be available to all golfers with access to internet.

9.  Club members shall have access to their handicap either through club published handicap list or they can directly query for their handicap from BGF Handicap web link by entering their club ID andclub membership number. Membership number must be typed with no space inbetween the letters.  

10. It will be mandatory for all golf clubs to accept a golfer’s handicap as published on BGF Handicap web link.  Handicap so published will be treated as BGF handicap.

11. A golfer who is member at more than one club must declare the club where thegolfer plays more frequently as his home club and score for play at other clubswill be posted from the playing club to his home club. BGF Handicap Software has provision for such score postings from other clubs.

12.  If a member fails to comply by instructions at para 11 above and two or more clubs publishes golfer’s handicap, the lowest handicap will count.


BGFHandicap System

13.  Club shall not award handicap arbitrarily but must rely on the BGF handicap software. Handicap certificate can also be printed directly from the BGF Handicap Software.

14.  The software awards handicap automatically after minimum of 10 x 18 Hole scores are entered into the system. If 9 hole scores are being submitted than 20 scores will be required which will be combined by the software to make 10 x 18 holes cores.

15.   Handicap will be more reflective of a player’s ability only after 20 or more 18 holes scores are entered.

16.   In accordance with USGA system the software selects the best 10 scores from the latest 20 scores. On the internet one can see the selected scores star marked in RED.

17. Selected 10 scores are computed to handicap by applying the course rating and the slope rating of the course.

18.  In club tournaments if a winner have a score better than -2 than it will be treated as an exceptional score and handicap will be reduced as per BGF Tournament Handicap Reduction Policy.


BGF Tournament Handicap Reduction Policy

19.  For club tournament winners, concerned club shall take the following actions on the the BGF Handicap software:

a)  On the score entry menu of the particular player, select the check box TOURNAMENT WINNER.

b) For every stoke below -2 post a penalty score. Each penalty score is equivalent to the day’s tournament score.

c)  Example 1 – if a golfer has won a  tournament with a total score 2 under par ; no action needed.

d)  Example 2 – if a golfer wins a tournament with a total score 4 under par and in order to reduce the handicap by two strokes, club will post the day's tournament score twice as penalty scores.

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